INDEPENDENCE – Kill the Republican Party (and Democratic Party) Elitist Machines

Now, more than any election cycle in the last 40 years, people are switching their voter registration to Independent.  Not because they will vote for Independents but because they are embarrassed to be Republican or Democrat.  So, that’s the first step – to shame people into opting out of parties.  Both parties are doing a great job of pushing away the people they need to win and can’t understand why (and never will).   So, “infiltration of a party” is very temporary.  Parties, by nature, become corrupted.  Republican elites want to discredit Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michele Bachman or anyone else that they don’t want to hand-feed us.  I understand that the ‘frat-club’ mentality and process exists to sort-out candidates to declare an overall candidate that the party supports.  But when it becomes so obvious that the people who caucus are being pushed around and manipulated rather than making sound decisions on their own the process – the people who seek truth will revolt.


We will see if Iowa remains relevant and then follow each state after to see if any of them are relevant, or find out if it’s just a big joke stacked with primary puppets in each state.  For the media and Republican Class Elites, wining Iowa is only relevant if you pick who they want.  Even the debates started off stacked.  Where did Gary Johnson and John Huntsman go?  Both are very successful Governors and were barely allowed to participate in debates because they didn’t meet the polling criteria.  How is that possible when their names were not even included in most of the polling?  Yet Santorum (who polls lower than both Huntsman and Johnson) is still included in debates?  Suspect behavior by the media and Republicans for sure.  Does anyone remember way back when Gary Johnson tied third with Chris Christie at CPAC?  And then that was promptly ignored and excluded from just about all things Republican?  Do we see any relation to this in Iowa?  Maybe the same people in control?  These two fine candidates were not given a fair shake because they were a threat to the GOP and Republican Elites knew to kill them off early in their process.


So, here we go again with the ‘Flavor of the Week’ scenario in Iowa.  Really?  It’s so obvious the Republican Political Elite-Class Machine is in full swing when the only candidate that keeps floating is the Mitt Cookie they are trying to feed us.  Mitt just keeps floating about halfway up the glass and never to the top.  Why?  Every candidate that begins to rise somehow has something pop up that beats them back down just below the unimpressive Mitt percent of reliable level pullers.  Most of the ‘scandals’ are from decades past that someone had to dig deep for and then had to twist and feed to the media in ways to support an attack.  It’s working because big media continues to control what you see and hear via the Republican Elite Machine.  Why do we continue to enable the press and the Elite Political Class, are we the chumps they think we are?  Its looking like we have another poor choice coming our way just like McCain was force-fed to us because, according to the Republican Machine, only McCain could win against Obama and now only Romney.  Really?  How blind can Republicans be?


We have the opportunity to capture the White House, Senate and House with candidates who will make the radial changes needed to restore liberty to the American People only if people realize that Independent voters determine who wins elections and that the media and both parties restrict our vision when we let them.  We live in a time when the Internet and other communications provide huge amounts of information to look at and consider.  It’s all slanted but the real problem is what each person considers ‘reliable’.  I am asking people to look beyond their reliable sources and open their minds.  There is no perfect candidate.  There are, however, many great choices beyond what the parties shove in your face and then warn us that a vote for anyone else is really a loss.  So, if you felt that your vote for McCain last time was a smart move, you are obviously part of the problem.  And if you think Obama is going keep the Independents that voted him in last time, you’d be wrong on that one also.  Both parties have demonstrated that a win for either Republican or Democrat is the best thing for the elites on both sides – which is all about control and power, and enslaving the American People.  Wake up – THEY ARE NOT ON OUR SIDE!  The side of Freedom, Prosperity, and Peace!


Voting your conscience might actually change things for the better.  Regardless, a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama because they are one in the same.  Open your mind, and the truth shall set you free.


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