Letter to Sheriffs of Colorado’s District Three

Below is an example of the letters that were personalized and sent out to the sheriffs in Colorado’s District Three.  Please feel free to use this verbiage however you may like to write to the sheriffs in your county and state.

Sheriff Dave Strong

1315 17th Street

Alamosa, Colorado  81101


Sheriff Strong,

I am running for congress in Colorado’s third congressional district.  I am running because I am very concerned about our country’s economy and the numerous unconstitutional laws coming out of Washington.

I know that the Sheriff is the highest executive authority in the county – and that the sheriff has the authority and responsibility to protect the citizens in their county from unconstitutional actions by the federal government.  The passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States (SIP), demonstrate how severe the problem has become, and show how imperative it is that solutions must be enacted at the local level.

Peggy Littleton, the county commissioner of El Paso County, recently presented a resolution to “keep the federal government from overstepping its authority when enforcing terrorism law – specifically as it relates to habeas corpus, the right to due process under the law” (KRDO News, December 15, 2011).

Arizona’s Sheriff Richard Mack has spoken and written about the importance of our county sheriffs in his book, County Sheriff – America’s Last Hope.  I will be sending you a copy for your reference and review.

Sheriff Mack is also organizing the first annual County Sheriff Project scheduled for January 30th in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Two hundred Sheriffs from across the country will gather to increase their understanding and awareness of the true power of their constitutional authority and to unite in a concerted effort to uphold and defend the United States Constitution.

Sponsors are currently raising money to cover the travel and lodging expenses at no cost to the Sheriffs who are invited.  I have reason to believe that you will be one of the county Sheriffs who will be receiving an eMail invitation directly from Sheriff Mack. I am hoping that you will consider attending this historic event if you are given that opportunity.

I am a young woman who believes in the principles embodied in the Constitution.  I am not a terrorist or an extremist.  I am an activist and a true believer in liberty.  I want to know that you will protect us by throwing out federal agents that attempt to harm us in our peaceful protests and constitutional expressions of our first amendment rights.

I have written about the importance for local communities to rely on county Sheriffs on our campaign website,  I would like to request a meeting with you when we are in town touring the district.  Please contact me at any time. I would like to work with you to create a positive and actionable dialogue that will protect our communities and country.

In Liberty,

Tisha T. Casida


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