Hemp Oil versus CBD Oil Made From Hemp

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That's Natural!

It is important for consumers to understand the different hemp products available for sale, in order to find the best and most effective product for their desired outcome.

We have talked a bit about the difference between cannabis, hemp, and marijuana.  Now, let’s talk about the difference in “plain” hemp oil versus the more refined CBD oil, that is made from hemp.

Hemp oil, used in the form that extracts the oil from the seeds of hemp, has long been used for the production of lotions, soaps, shampoos, and other topical products.  When hemp seeds are crushed, the oil is gathered and used for these types of products.  You can find hemp lotions and other hemp-based beauty products at many stores, all across the country.

CBD, standing for Cannabidiol (one of several cannabinoid compounds found in hemp) is extracted from the hemp flowers, leaves, and stalks.  It is…

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