Smart Meter Scandals – Do You Have One?

YIKES! Do you have one of these installed on your home? It may be good to check! Smart Meters can open the doorway to a lot of scandals – beware!!

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Do You Have a Smart Meter

Most people don’t realize that they have a new “smart” meter installed on their home.  That’s right – if you go outside and look and see a DIGITAL reading on your meter instead of those turning wheels that used to be there – you are being monitored by the government (public utility) for power usage.

Now, the battle cry for why this is such a great idea is “efficiency” and less costs versus having real, live humans go out and check your meter.  However, with these smart meters, that can monitor not only your energy usage, but also know what brands of appliances you are using, as well as determining when you are home or not, is a bit too intrusive for us here at That’s Natural.  Saving energy is one thing – monitoring every action of a person or family is quite another.

There are several dangers associated with…

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