The Big Lie – Cannabis as Medicine and a Schedule 1 Drug

Illegal or Legal? The truth is – neither – it is CONSTITUTIONAL! It is your right to research and use natural, plant-based medicines like those derived from Cannabis!

That's Natural!

Capitol as Marijuana Leaf

We live in a world of thin lines and gray areas.  The federal, State, and local governments that exist in the United States form a complex, imperfect, and confusing web of laws, rules, regulations, and accompanying bureaucracy that make it impossible to define what’s “legal”, what’s “constitutional”, and what is actually right and just.

This, we can’t fix.

However, we can help our fellow Americans navigate through what is real, what is not, and help people decide for themselves what they think is right for them.  When it comes to understanding Cannabis and the polices behind it, we have realized a giant hole within our federal government, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, and the Farm Bill.  This gaping hole is that Cannabis has multiple definitions among agencies – none of which are being used cohesively with any State governments – and that there is absolutely…

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