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It’s Finally Time for Farmers’ Markets!

Across the country and in your community it is time for fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious home-made baked goods, and local hand-made specialty items!  Have you researched where there are farmers’ markets or community-supported agriculture programs in YOUR community?  Local Harvest is a wonderful resource where you can […]


Baked Bread by Paul Alhadef Photography — We have come across a very good site featuring various articles on what we like to call “real food”.  This is food that is (according to this site, as well as our standards): Organic Humanely raised (animals on pasture, not in […]


The concept of Farm-To-Fork, knowing where one’s food comes from, is a growing trend in America.  There are many reasons for this.  Some people are concerned about the safety of our food supply, and want to know the person who is growing or raising the products that they […]