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Being Bellicose is Bad Business

Peaceful countries mean prosperous countries – a better quality of life and more opportunity to learn, grow, and love.  Peace enhances prosperity because it allow for commerce to take place without having fears about one’s security and environment.  Peace is good for everyone, in every class, of every […]

We Want YOUR Soldier Stories

Looking for families of soldiers to submit brief stories about their loved ones in the service.  We will feature them on our blog, as well as in the Quarter 3 National Good American Post (printed edition)! Please email us at:, and put in the subject line “Solider”. […]

Looking for the Light Switch

Our contributor, Tamrah Jo Ortiz, has done a fine job tying together war, peace, culture, good vs. evil, light vs. dark, and drama.  We love to explore the possibilities of creating a better world for our future generations, and Tamrah’s post does such a concept justice.  Please read […]

Liberty & The Mustard Seed – Part VII

By: Tisha Casida YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH LIBERTY & SECURITY Liberty versus Security – with so many crisis-like situations – economically, with our health care, with our national defense, etc., we have turned into a population seeking security instead of the liberty. Liberty IS OUR GREATEST SECURITY.  Our […]