Category: Equality

The Meaning of Tolerance

By: V.A. Luttrell Tolerance has become a common word in our society. No longer simply the purview of physicists, engineers, or nerds of other varieties, tolerance has now entered the realm of common speech. Parents and their kids, feuding lovers, civil rights activists, and the layman alike all […]

A Little Thing Called FAITH

Another opportunity to watch Glenn Beck – with David Barton (WallBuilders) and Ira Stoll (Author of “A Life”) – leads to inspirational thoughts for lovers of liberty. How in the world did I major in Political Science and not know more about my own country? A closer look […]

The Census – The True Cost?

This is a very interesting subject, and although mandated by our constitution – there may be some questions asked about the method of collecting this information, and the cost to the American taxpayer. Beyond that – do they really use the data?ย  And couldn’t the data be VERY […]

Liberty VS. Equality

In a lively debate and discussion about the state of this great nation, I blurted out a simple conclusion that I (and likely thousands of others) came to, specifically after reading Atlas Shrugged. That conclusion is that you cannot have BOTH liberty AND equality.ย  Why?ย  If you are […]