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Natural Rights Vs. Legal Rights

What is the difference between natural rights and legal rights? Natural rights require no “law” to interpret – these are unalienable rights – like the right to life, to consume foods and products that one desires, and the right to protect one’s body and one’s property. Legal rights […]

Access to Local Food

In an AP article, a phenomena and trend which has been taking shape for quite awhile, is highlighted. That trend is the limited access to food in rural areas (e.g. grocery stores), and the reason has to do with economics.  Smaller operations are generally more costly to run, […]

WALK THE TALK – Support Local

It’s easy to tell people what they should do.  It’s easy to say what you are going to do.  But actually doing something is a whole other level, and the level that we need to be at to really make sustainable changes with anything. Simply a rant against […]

Principles of “Conservatism”

Being “conservative” can mean a lot of things – it is all up for the interpretation to the people who are discussing what it means – it is all in they eyes of the beholder. Today’s “conservatives” are sometimes considered to be Republican, and often there are people […]

Slow Money Alliance

Meet the Slow Food Alliance – an organization with an outstanding mission to build sustainable local food systems (which are inherently better for the economy). Their Goal? A million Americans investing 1% of their assets in local food systems…within a decade. Their Reasoning? In order to enhance food […]

More Reasons to KNOW YOUR FARMER

In an article from Bloomberg, producers are accusing and filing suit against Dean Foods (Dallas, Texas) and the Dairy Farmers of America (Kansas City, Missouri) for suppressing milk prices through controlling market access. The economics behind this may or may not be complex, depending upon one’s political and […]

The Reinvention of Journalism?

Please take the time to read the FTC’s Discussion Draft on the “Reinvention of American Journalism”. What you will find is the most ludicrous advance against the first amendment of all time, and the beauty of it is, that they are actually telling us that this is their […]