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What This Is About

The Good American Post is a newspaper and medium designed to educate our communities about liberty, free markets, and the Constitution of the United States of America.  We have a quarterly national newspaper distributed to targeted distribution points across the country, as well as a model for communities […]

Time for NEW MEDIA

With the sudden and somewhat unexpected news of the retirement of Helen Thomas, considered the “dean of the White House press corps”(2010), we can reflect on the concept that journalism as we know it is changing.  Not to say that this particular event is good or bad, but […]

The Reinvention of Journalism?

Please take the time to read the FTC’s Discussion Draft on the “Reinvention of American Journalism”. What you will find is the most ludicrous advance against the first amendment of all time, and the beauty of it is, that they are actually telling us that this is their […]

Independents Win Elections

Want a non-partisan, free-thinking, positive approach to living in the greatest country on the planet?  Want to know your farmer?  Know your solider?  Protect the next generation?  Make money and keep it in your own pocket?  Protect liberty as we know it? We here at The Good American […]