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Natural Rights Vs. Legal Rights

What is the difference between natural rights and legal rights? Natural rights require no “law” to interpret – these are unalienable rights – like the right to life, to consume foods and products that one desires, and the right to protect one’s body and one’s property. Legal rights […]

A Financial “System”

Yesterday I saw the face of my grandmother as she asked me if I saw the paper that morning.  Of course the front-page headline was about the tumbling stock market.   I stay away from news that is bad for my health, but have been paying attention to the […]

Down to Brass Tacks

Because I am in the publishing industry, I listen to people talk – as consumers, clients, news-reporters, etc. Yeah, the economy is slowing, the numbers look dismal, and unemployment is definitely up – that being said, I walk around town and watch thousands of people driving around, like […]

A Banking System to Create PROSPERITY

– Tisha Casida In theory, a banking system is supposed to create safety and prosperity for its customers – the people who make deposits and take out loans. What happened in the past couple years in the United States is unprecedented and unsustainable, not to mention unethical.  Hard-working […]