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Principles of “Conservatism”

Being “conservative” can mean a lot of things – it is all up for the interpretation to the people who are discussing what it means – it is all in they eyes of the beholder. Today’s “conservatives” are sometimes considered to be Republican, and often there are people […]

Time for NEW MEDIA

With the sudden and somewhat unexpected news of the retirement of Helen Thomas, considered the “dean of the White House press corps”(2010), we can reflect on the concept that journalism as we know it is changing.  Not to say that this particular event is good or bad, but […]

The Reinvention of Journalism?

Please take the time to read the FTC’s Discussion Draft on the “Reinvention of American Journalism”. What you will find is the most ludicrous advance against the first amendment of all time, and the beauty of it is, that they are actually telling us that this is their […]

When Free Press Is Not Free

The Net Neutrality Act, which is still being pushed by special interest groups, has nothing to do with freedom. Free Press, an organization that takes the very name and concept and has twisted it to mean something entirely different, is a proponent.  With the slogan “Save the Internet” […]

Why We Need New Media

Good American Post Staff Reports In an article in Politico, one can see where members of the press may not be so happy with the current administration’s lack of disseminating information to the public. Although this administration claims to be more transparent than any other, the truth is […]

Recession Busters

It’s now or never, and it’s up to us.  The more we rely upon national indicators, the more we will be disappointed. The recession is very real, but WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE make it.  WE are the constituents and WE are the consumers.  Even if the dollar crashed, […]

Taking Our Country Back

Well, folks, we better be ready to do whatever we have to if they are able to unconstitutionally pass this health care bill.  If they use the “slaughter rule” which is 100% against Article 1, Section 7 of the GOVERNING DOCUMENT of this great nation – we here […]