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Access to Local Food

In an AP article, a phenomena and trend which has been taking shape for quite awhile, is highlighted. That trend is the limited access to food in rural areas (e.g. grocery stores), and the reason has to do with economics.  Smaller operations are generally more costly to run, […]

More Reasons to KNOW YOUR FARMER

In an article from Bloomberg, producers are accusing and filing suit against Dean Foods (Dallas, Texas) and the Dairy Farmers of America (Kansas City, Missouri) for suppressing milk prices through controlling market access. The economics behind this may or may not be complex, depending upon one’s political and […]

Innovations in Agricultural Marketing

Beltsville, MD – Years ago, Indiana farmer Brian Churchill won a grant from the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program to experiment with new pest management strategies on his 100 acres of sweet corn, melons, tomatoes and other produce. Scouting for pests, withholding routine spraying and building […]