Category: Small Business

Regulations, Fees, and Taxes

I’ve been traveling across the beautiful state of Colorado. During my journey, I’ve met a lot of small business owners that share in the frustrations that I experience as a small business owner. During this election and down economy, we as a community must change the current system to have […]

Government Intervention of Salt

These are the kind of things that make me apoplectic. The over-abundance of salt in foods is a “public health crisis” according to Rep. Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut. Yes, people eat too much salt.  The reason is because they are eating WAY TOO MANY PROCESSED FOODS.  Which is […]

Recession Busters

It’s now or never, and it’s up to us.  The more we rely upon national indicators, the more we will be disappointed. The recession is very real, but WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE make it.  WE are the constituents and WE are the consumers.  Even if the dollar crashed, […]

Liberty & The Mustard Seed – Part III

By: Tisha Casida Competition is an inherent and necessary component of an economy working with scarce resources.  There is no choice but to have competition, it is a naturally-occurring phenomenon that will never change on planet earth because we will always have scarcity – or finite resources.  Competition […]