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Judge Andrew Napolitano apparently leads the way to LIBERTY in the new series “Freedom Watch”.  We are very excited to have someone standing up for the constitution – the founding principles of this great country.  We anxiously await reviews from our staff, and welcome the public to send […]

Public Sector Vs. Private Sector

Of course we need a public sector – it is a part of our economy and the “way of life” in the United States. However, we must be wary about the stringent differences between the public and private sector. Free-market capitalism sometimes gets bashed for greed and wealth, […]

The Case for Limited Taxation

Once again, in my home state of Colorado, I see why limited taxation and adherence to free markets makes the most sense for WE THE PEOPLE. Because of a state law that requires online retailer, Amazon, to collect online sales taxes (up to $4.6 million/year) – the retailer […]

What We Want – Part IX

By: Richard A. Correa Sr. SGT RIARNG, Retired The current debate on Obamacare has led to the public, in the form of the TEA Parties, 9/12 ers and other interested citizens, to raise questions about how our legislative process works, and how it is supposed to work. We […]

What We Want – Part VIII

By: Richard A. Correa Sr. SGT RIARNG, Retired One of the top priorities of the TEA Parties and 9/12ers is the federal government must return to sound fiscal policies. The federal government has abandoned any semblance of common sense when it comes to management of the peoples’ resources. […]