Join Our Rebellion

Join Tisha Casida and become a participant in the peaceful REBELLION we are having!  Your contribution helps us to keep the lights on, travel around to meet people, and reach new folks for our ever-growing army of people declaring sovereignty.  Thank you for your support!

Join Our Rebellion - Photo Compilation 1

STICK IT TO ME – $15 or more – A sticker and bottle-opener to let people know where you stand – signed by Tisha.

STOP LEANING START PUSHING – $35 or more – Signed Copy of Tisha’s Pamphlet, The Crisis, plus everything in the STICK IT TO ME package.

TRUTH SEEKER – $55 or more – Entire collection of Tisha’s 9 Pamphlets on thought-provoking subjects, plus everything in the STOP LEANING START PUSHING package.

T-SHIRT COMBATANT – $100 or more – You will receive a REBELLION T-Shirt of Your choice & Tisha will shout out on on-air THANK YOU! Plus everything in the TRUTH SEEKER package.

REBEL-LION – $200 or more – A starter kit of Tisha’s favorite reads for starting the REBELLION Mission (I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read; The Law by Frederic Bastiat; Citizen’s Rule Book; Pocket Constitution). Plus everything in the T-SHIRT COMBATANT package.

BELLIGERENT & LOVING IT – $500 or more – We’ll send you a REBELLION hoodie and you will get to sponsor one episode of the REBELLION show, including a 1/4 page ad in the REBELLION Newsletter. Plus everything in the REBEL-LION package.

BREAKING BAD – $1000 or more – This gets you a detailed and exclusive sponsorship of TWO episodes of the REBELLION show, including a 1/2 page ad in the the REBELLION Newsletter plus everything in the BELLIGERENT & LOVING IT package.

TISHA TROOPER – $2500 or more – Tisha will make you a 1-minute video on the subject matter of your choice (keep it clean guys!), a full page ad in the REBELLION Newsletter, plus everything in the BREAKING BAD package.

ATF PARTY HARDY – $5000 or more – Come to the Roaring Fork Valley and Meet Tisha for an ATF Party! You will get to meet some of Colorado’s best freedom-fighters, smoke fine tobacco, and after the shooting is over – go out for libations, you will receive a 1-month sponsorship, plus everything in the TISHA TROOPER package.

HOT DAMN! FIRE-STARTER for TISHA – $7,500 or more – Show your love for Tisha’s Rebellion and have her out to your part of the country for a party of a lifetime and networking opportunity to build our army of REBEL-LIONS willing to disobey and be belligerent against a tyrannical federal government.  Plus everything in the ATF PARTY HARDY package.

You can make your donation online using PayPal, or mail your contribution to:

Tisha Casida

PO Box 8944

Aspen, CO 81612


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