It doesn’t take long to realize our current two party system of Government has failed us.  In the last 50 years (some say longer), party elites have created a strategy that works to keep them in power.  It’s time to rebel against un-constitutional actions taken by career politicians […]

Feet in the Dirt

Have you put your feet in the dirt lately? Did you know that the earth carries a negative charge, and that you may actually feel better if you take five or ten minutes to stand barefoot in the dirt (or even in the grass)? Some people call this […]

The USDA Should NOT Have Submachine Guns

Why on earth would an agency charged to “regulate” agriculture need machine guns?  Or any guns for that matter?   Isn’t there something horribly wrong with this picture?  Can you imagine farmers and ranchers doing anything on their property that would require this particular government agency to have […]