Positive and peaceful, rebellious acts that we are celebrating. ย We love you, sovereign individuals of our World.


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  1. So, does Rebellion.Life support a Convention of States to put in place Term Limits, Budget restraints, Eliminating Executive Action and so on. Would like to see that and more. The Convention of States Project could use your help I think.

    • We LOVE Convention of States, but have a lot frustration with trusting Republicans (and Democrats for that matter) to carry out any type of real change for such efforts. I am convinced that political parties are part of the problem. Also, I have been following what happened in the Colorado Senate with Tim Neville. I am not happy with Dudley Brown either, and have had bad experiences with him since my first congressional run in 2012. I did a video about all of this recently. It is SO IMPORTANT to find ways to work outside of political parties because they continually crush the goals of people who wish for constitutionality of government and common sense in policy. – Tisha Casida

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