More Security Headed Your Way

Pending legislation in the form of Senate Bill S 773 Cyberspace Security Act of 2009 is another example of sacrificing our liberty for security. ย  Broad guidelines coupled with more government (and hence spending) added to a short list of who gets to decide the definition of “emergency” […]

The Reinvention of Journalism?

Please take the time to read the FTC’s Discussion Draft on the “Reinvention of American Journalism”. What you will find is the most ludicrous advance against the first amendment of all time, and the beauty of it is, that they are actually telling us that this is their […]

The First Amendment

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE GOOD AMERICAN POST HERE! The First Amendment is really the call to arms for The Good American Post and our effort as the press/media to keep those, in positions of power, honest.ย  Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to exercise religion, and […]