Tag: Liberty

The Meaning of Tolerance

By: V.A. Luttrell Tolerance has become a common word in our society. No longer simply the purview of physicists, engineers, or nerds of other varieties, tolerance has now entered the realm of common speech. Parents and their kids, feuding lovers, civil rights activists, and the layman alike all […]

Immigration Reform

By Tamrah Jo Ortiz Via my email inbox, I was alerted to the existence of proposed legislation regarding the Illegal Immigrant issue. I faithfully read the entire email which assured me I’m about to be stripped of every freedom I have, via a Biometric National ID card. Just […]

Remembering History

By Tamrah Jo Ortiz I attended the Colorado Sky Sox ball game last night.   First time my husband has accompanied me to a baseball game since we first started dating.   Mainly because I accidentally cheered for the wrong team. (Hey, with so much going on, I forgot who […]