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Voices Being Heard

It is easy to feel like no one is listening.  It is also easy to miss stories that are blatantly ignored by media sources.  While it is impossible to cover everything, here at The Good American Post we are focused on educating our readership about liberty and free […]

Saying NO to a National ID Card

A National ID Card sets precedent to require identification for literally ANYTHING – including ANY PURCHASES you make.  In a free market with a concept called LIBERTY – such a scheme is ludicrous. The following text is from an email that I have received from the Campaign for […]

STOP Open Internet Regulations!

EEEK! One of the saddest things that could possibly happen is have an organization called “FREE PRESS” trying to do the exact opposite and squash capitalism as we know it. Be wary!  Network Neutrality has nothing to do with FREEDOM and everything to do with abolishing the beauty […]

The End of the World as We Know It?

Absolutely not.  The past week has been a pretty rough roller-coaster with the current administration’s and representative’s plans and actions.  On top of everything, our traditional media outlets have done a fine job of making it either feel like everything is going to be fine or that the […]

Liberty & The Mustard Seed – Part VII

By: Tisha Casida YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH LIBERTY & SECURITY Liberty versus Security – with so many crisis-like situations – economically, with our health care, with our national defense, etc., we have turned into a population seeking security instead of the liberty. Liberty IS OUR GREATEST SECURITY.  Our […]