Tisha Casida, Rebel Lion

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I believe in using my energy and light to do something positive for sovereignty.  What does that mean?   It means standing up for people’s ability to be creative and free.  That means addressing issues in our community and country that are destructive – to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and peace. In addressing these issues, I want to find ideas and solutions.  I want to acknowledge and celebrate people and ideas that bring truth, light, and joy to our community and country.  And in doing this – we keep the torch lit for freedom – in our own hearts and in our world.

I have owned my own small business, That’s Natural! Marketing & Consulting, since October of 2005.  Our flagship product is our own That’s Natural! CBD Hemp Oil, one of the most premium products on the market.  I have worked with other entrepreneurs and business owners to create marketing, promotions, and sales that benefit them, and benefit our local economies.

In both 2012 and 2014, I ran as an independent (unaffiliated) candidate for Colorado’s third congressional district.  We set records both years, operating on a budget that made our cost per vote up to 12 times less than then Republican incumbent (proving that we could win if we did raise the money).  In 2012, I earned the most votes for an independent candidate in the history of our district.  In 2014, I earned the largest percentage of vote for an independent candidate in Colorado’s CD3.  Our team had this success because of our message of liberty, sovereignty, and taking responsibility for ourselves, our community, and our local and State governments.

I understand and have found that fighting “against” something is never as effective as working “towards” something.  In an effort to make sure that each moment of my life here on earth is spent doing what brings me peace – I want to abandon the “fight against” mentality, which is destructive. Instead, as a Rebel Lion, I will declare my sovereignty and peacefully rebel with acts that celebrate creation, love, and peace.

Yours in Rebellion,

Tisha Casida

PO Box 8944 – Aspen, CO 81612



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